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Many people are now working or expressing themselves at home. With all the anxious news flowing on a daily basis, I think it’s difficult to sit back and concentrate. In the midst of this, I feel that new attempts are being made every day to find ways to make the time at home more fulfilling and enjoyable.

I’ve been working at home for about 16 years, and I’ve been devising little things in my own way, but there are many things that make me realize. Remote drinking, online exhibitions, performances, etc… Innovative and wonderful ideas. This is something that could have been done before, but it never occurred to me. There are people in the world who are able to turn a restricted environment into a comfortable space. Reassuring and hardy! I think I’m going to try a lot of things, too.

This is a shopping note I made for myself. I’ve made it so that I can write down what I’m going to buy at each store according to the coop I usually go to. I wanted to be able to shop as smoothly as possible by reducing the chance of passing people back and forth in the supermarket.
I felt that the enjoyment would be increased only a little when I tried to make a thing by adding a little trouble like this.