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イッキヨミするキゥビィと、じっくり読み込むキゥビィ。読み方に個性が出ますね。 ページをめくるときのアマビエ様の動きにも注目してください。 くるっとまわるたびに新型コロナウィルスの駆除活動をしています。

Hideatsu ひであつのYoutubeチャンネル

Amabie is a legendary half-man, half-fish, and half-yokai in Japan. It is said to appear from the sea in a shining figure and make predictions about a good harvest and pestilence. A qibby that reads fast and a qibby that reads slowly. It gives a lot of personality to the way you read it. Note also Amabie movement as she turns the page. Every time Amabie turns around, She are working on the eradication of the new coronavirus.