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Close my eyes
It’s not just what you see in my eyes, it’s the sensations I feel in my body that are connected and welling up. That’s what I thought as I hiked. When I encounter a breathtaking moment, I first focus on what I can see and savor it. As I looked around the trees, the colors and shapes of the leaves were changing every moment as they swayed in the wind. Birds and insects appear and disappear one after another. The color of the clouds and sky, the movement…
Next, I close my eyes and try to focus only on the sound. Various birds are chirping. It’s a mix of all sorts. The sound of the wind, I feel that it’s so loud.
And the scent, the temperature we receive from the sun, the sensation of our hands and feet… I try to break it down.
It’s not only a good feeling, but also a feeling of fatigue in my legs, sweat on my back, and the weight of my backpack…negative elements are also coexisting with me. Rather, such negative elements also make the pleasure more appealing. The feeling of happiness that the hardships tasted to get there are rewarded.
It’s a joy to be greeted by a passerby, or to exchange a few words with a passerby.

As things went online, I spent more time facing the PC. With the development of video technology, it is possible to enjoy beautiful images, videos and sophisticated sounds. Still, it’s a gap from the actual sensation in front of me. I wonder what the difference is. The diversity and irregularity of the real world, the comfort and annoyance of the real world, which I took for granted and didn’t notice when I looked at it carefully.
New realizations that come from spending so much time at home. I’m going to increase my sensitivity to this and continue to look at it more deeply.