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ウクライナ市民の日常が奪われ 変わり果てた街並をみて胸が痛む。


No War

It’s heartbreaking to see the streets transformed and the daily lives of Ukrainian citizens taken away.
A lot of blood and tears have already been shed, and I can feel the effects spreading in unexpected directions. I hope that the chain of anger and sorrow will not spread further.
How did this situation come about? The more I look into the history and circumstances, the more I realize that the roots of the problem are deep and complicated, and that it is not easy to solve.

I wondered if the prayers and thoughts of the people, put into words, moved their feet and hands, would grow and connect, and become a force to be reckoned with. With this in mind, I painted with a faint hope.
While painting the Ukrainian flag, I felt that this was a blue sky and golden earth.
I looked it up and found out that some people believe that the blue color represents the sky and the golden color represents wheat, while others believe that the blue color represents water and the golden color represents fire.
I hope that the smoke will clear from the skies of Ukraine, the blue sky will spread out, and the peaceful days will return as soon as possible.

No War.